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Three months into my Pilates practice at The Pilates Advantage, I have had a moment of clarity. This past week there have been a number of stressful life events that took me away from Minnesota and cause me to miss class.  On Monday, I subconsciously thought, I could really use a Pilates class.  Thank you to Deb and Chrissy for the transformation and for the benefits of Pilates.


has improved tremendously after doing Pilates.


After double knee surgery, I just ran my first 5K!


The Pilates Advantage has done more for my core than the gym ever could.

J.K. 20 years old

My goal for starting Pilates was that I wanted my back to feel better and I wanted to be able to watch my grandson without hurting my back. I just watched him for 4 days straight – picking up and playing with 25 lbs – my back feels great!

Joanne H.

I’m so glad I attended the Pelvic Floor Workshop! The trainer was great and I learned a lot. I am adding the exercises to a regimen of chiropractic and acupuncture – no surgery for me!

C. J.

While conducting my annual physical examination, my doctor commented on how strong my legs are. She asked if I lifted weights as my leg strength was so impressive. I told her that I attribute it to my twice weekly Pilates workouts.


I had a hip replacement done and was anticipating my second one. I was in a lot of pain for many years and Physical Therapy and other methods were not working. Since coming to The Pilates Advantage last year, my pain is gone! No one can believe it – I’m sold!

Caroline A.

I had chronic headaches and back pain. I started Yoga and Pilates over 2 years ago and I no longer have pain and I feel great!

K. W.

I have a history of disc herniation but it’s never been a problem after starting my Pilates program. Attending class twice a week has really made a difference in how I move. Oh, and my golf game has improved!

J. K.

I ran my first 5K after knee surgery! All due to Pilates:)

Carolyn K.

Pilates is my mini vacation!

Barb E.

I can now reach my top shelves!!!

Robin R.

I have saved thousands of dollars in Physical Therapy and chiropractic charges by coming to Pilates!

Shannon A.

Deb, yesterday’s barre class rocked! If I were to do that work everyday, I would easily be back to my pre-baby bod! Thanks for the great class!

Angie H.

My body composition changed since I’ve been doing Pilates!

Donna S.

Deb, I love the routines you ask our bodies to perform…they are so complete and I am grateful for them. You are the best! I appreciate your seriousness about proper body positioning and proper body mechanics. My body is all the better for it.

Dixie J.

Thank you profusely!!! My husband is up north and I am removing snow from my driveway with just a shovel and the reason this is NOT a problem is because of all your classes. It’s the greatest!


As I left today I was reminded again why I love Pilates. When I left the studio this morning I felt full of fresh air and I walked easier and I felt gooood! Before class I felt fine, but was careful as I walked and felt a little stiff. I have severe arthritis in my feet, ankles, knees, and right wrist. I take on each day simply by knowing that arthritis does not prevent me from doing what I want. I do all things “anyway” although carefully at times, without giving it much thought. My husband shakes his head at me when he sees my discomfort and me doing it, whatever it is, anyway. He admires me. Pilates helps me so much. So thank you Pilates Advantage for helping in this process of moving and strengthening for I am better because of it!


Deb – Just wanted to send thanks your way! I am so blessed by your instruction! There are few things in life that satisfy, and for me, Pilates is one of those things. From the first time I experienced it in your Rockford studio, I knew I had found something that did more than “help” my body, it healed and repaired. So thanks again for all you do to provide a place for us to come and be healed and repaired!


I just wanted to send you a quick note. Last night I read on your signage regarding body inflammation and the help that Pilates does. I wanted to mention that I totally agree! There are many reasons I love what Pilates does for me, but helping to keep at bay what I term puffiness is top of the list. Just wanted to share!


I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed everything about The Pilates Advantage. Very thoughtful, nice people and very professional staff! I am impressed and continue to love, love, love it here!

Marcy K.

The Pilates Advantage’s experienced instructors really know their stuff. I’ve been coming to The Pilates Advantage for over 2 years and I am stronger than I’ve ever been. My body appreciates the deep work Pilates offers without strain

Lynne C.

I can actually breathe better and have more stamina.

Krista J.

With a combination of weekly private training and mat class I have noticed that my posture is much better than it ever has been and I feel strong. I always feel so good after Pilates – it energizes me and relieves stress. I love it!

Dawn I.

My arthritic knees don’t ache anymore because Pilates has strengthened the muscles around my knees. I’ve improved my posture due to the exercises and awareness of how to hold my body correctly.

Jane B.

Throughout the years I’ve had back and neck problems, including a herniated disc in my lower back. Each occurrence would result in time spent in physical therapy and/or with a chiropractor. Even though I was always physically active, I just seemed to continue to have these problems. I’m happy to report that I have not had to seek treatment for any back problems since I started Pilates. It’s been several years now, so I always recommend trying Pilates when a friend or acquaintance complains about back problems.

Gail S.

I started weekly one-on-one sessions with Deb five months ago. For several years I have experienced pain in both big toe joints, both feet, both knees, the right side of my lower back, the area just below my right scapula, both shoulders and my right upper trapezius. The pain was attributable to years of sitting hunched over at a desk and many old athletic injuries. I was taking four extra-strength Tylenol daily to mask the pain. Since working with Deb, I have noticed significant reduction in pain in all areas, disappearance of the pain in my feet, left shoulder, upper trapezius, marked improvement in my posture, and much greater flexibility. I no longer take any pain medication, the reduction in pain has improved my general outlook and my golf swing has improved because I am now able to make a full shoulder turn. I have tried other regimens, such as physical therapy, yoga, massage, gym work, the Alexander technique, and acupuncture, but none of them provided lasting relief. Regular Pilates workouts, as taught by Deb, are superior to all the other regimens I have tried.

John L.

I love the Equipment! I feel like I am actually working the parts of my body that I am supposed to be working and using proper form.

Vicki S.

I had a knee replaced last fall. When the physical therapist started working with me, she said, ‘You’ve had some training, because I have never worked with someone your age who has the understanding of breathing, body position, or core operation. What is it?” Of course I said, “Pilates classes.” She was very impressed, and said, “There is nothing else I can teach you, keep at it.” The knee has healed nicely and I thank you every day as I go through my therapy routine.

Jan S.

Since starting the classes at The Pilates Advantage in October 2006, I’ve been able to lose 30 lbs. and gain greater strength and flexibility. I sleep better and have more energy during the day. My arthritis symptoms have diminished, and I’ve been able to recover from injuries faster because I’m in better shape.

Randi V.

I look forward to EVERY CLASS, even Saturday at 8 a.m.! Deb’s facility provides the best application of exercise equipment integrated with step-by-step instruction in a spacious, comfortable workout environment. All the instructors are friendly and very personable, and ready to suggest modifications on an individual basis. I can tell a difference in how I am able to do the moves (exercises.) I feel like my stomach muscles are stronger. Sometimes I am a little sore or tired before class, but my muscles feel better after class.

Laura K.

I can’t remember when I’ve felt this good! You are a saint!

Anne M.

Pilates has toned my body and reshaped my legs. Pilates helps me live my life — racing my boys down the beach, waterskiing without jelly legs, and carrying our canoe. Deb has helped me with my sore shoulders and other aches and pains and taught me about my body, and how to take care of it.

Jenni S.