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Hi, I’m Deb!

I am so happy you’re here!

My passion is to teach YOU how YOUR BODY MOVES. The human body is so amazing and there are so many ways it is mis-used in the name of Fitness, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Sports, Dance, to name a few.

One thing all human beings have in common – Anatomy and a Brain. What we don’t all have is the knowledge of how to safely move our bodies as it was designed to MOVE.

– Do you have chronically “tight” muscles in any part of your body?
– Are you “Stretching” a lot?
– Do you have recurring back pain after you’ve seen a Doctor or Physical Therapist?
– Do you have trouble doing some activities of daily living?
– Do you play sports or dance?
– Do you have pelvic floor dysfunction?
– Are you injury prone?

Using my knowledge and experience, I will help you MOVE better in your body! Whatever your job, sport or hobby, you deserve to feel good.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body” -Eric Franklin

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Classes are pre-recorded.  My video library is coming soon!


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