The Pilates Advantage

What Am I Exercising On?

What Am I Exercising On?

Pilates equipment is designed to condition the entire body, using positions and movements that simulate functional activities and thereby correct body alignment and balance. An extensive repertoire of exercises, from fundamental to master level, can be done on each piece of apparatus. Using springs, pulleys and gravity, the equipment challenges the musculature in diverse ways, with particular focus on deep muscles. There are 4 major pieces of equipment that typically make up a “studio” – the Reformer, the Cadillac/Trapeze Table, the Chair and the Ladder Barrel.

Pilates Equipment vs. Mat Only

The Pilates Method is based on a full, integrated system of equipment – the mat exercises are just part of the technique. By adding equipment, you experience a more authentic, quality experience. The equipment works better and faster to change the body, as the springs on the equipment provide support and resistance that allow you to enhance your core connections in a way that is difficult to do on the Mat alone. The equipment allows you to shape, tone and align quite differently than the Mat. Advanced core and proprioception is enhanced by equipment work.

Your nervous system likes change! Whether you take Mat classes alone or a combination of Pilates equipment and Mat, a mix of workout options is essential to getting the best results.

Pilates is excellent cross-training for athletes as well as the perfect exercise for all ages and physical limitations.

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Quality Pilates Instructors and Yoga Instructors spend years perfecting their craft. No one can teach everything. If your teacher is teaching Pilates and Yoga Fusion classes, you can rest assured they’re not doing either one justice. Pilates is Pilates and Yoga is Yoga — they are two different disciplines and should not be combined.