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Pilates Only:

Pick 1 of the following options:
Previous Pilates Experience? 2 privates for $99 or see Studio Combo Package below!

Fundamental and Movement Assessment – One Time Offer
For individuals with previous Equipment experience from another studio. Unfortunately, not all Pilates is taught the same. The fundamental/movement assessment will familiarize you with fundamental skills, language and choreography unique to our studio. The Special Introductory Package below is advised if you haven’t taken Pilates in over a year.

Special Introductory Package – New Students – One Time Offer – 3 Private Lessons for $175
3 private sessions to assess your posture, movement, needs and goals. You will receive a movement assessment, be introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates’ work, as well as to the various pieces of apparatus he invented. Participants must have at least 3 private lessons before taking a Mat, Reformer or equipment class. However, many people will need more than 3 private sessions to be fully ready for a group class.

Studio Combo Package – Must have equipment and mat experience – 1 Private Lesson, 5 Equipment Classes and 5 Mat-based Classes – $200 (Save over $70!)
One private lesson to get you acquainted with our studio then join our equipment and mat-based classes (includes yoga and Total Barre). Must have prior experience in Pilates equipment and mat.

Intro. Classes – 6 week class – $95 (mat/equipment) – at least 3 people necessary to hold a class. If you want to start your own class, let us know.
This class will include the fundamental skills (orientation) necessary to practice Pilates safely and efficiently as well as introduce you to the Pilates Method of Exercise on the mat and/or equipment. Class are not recommended for individuals with specific rehabilitation needs.

Jumpstart Program

10 week program – 3x a week – Prices vary
The program starts with a fitness assessment, strength, flexibility and balance tests. Three hours of private training follow to familiarize you with Pilates principles, the exercises and how to use the various equipment. The options for training 3 times per week include a combination of the following: private lessons, Pilates group equipment and mat classes or yoga. Pick and choose the 3 times that work best for YOUR schedule. Get started on the road to long-term health!

Private Sessions

1 Private (30 minutes) $40
1 Private (60 minutes) – $79
3 Privates $225
6 Privates $432
8 Privates $568
10 Privates $700
If you want the best results and the quickest learning, private sessions are the way to start. This is also the safest way to start if you are concerned about injuries or have specific issues with your back, neck or shoulders. Customization is the big plus of private Pilates sessions. Work one-on-one with to tailor your workout based on your individual goals, needs and abilities.


(2 people)
$45/per person
Packages available
Parent/Child rates also available
Work out with a friend or family member to help motivate each other to exercise.

Discounted rates for Semi-privates between the hours of noon and 5P
1 Semi-private per person $35
3+ Semi-privates per person $30

Reformer/Equipment Classes

must have 3 people to hold a class – Start your own class!
Prerequisite required* (4 person maximum)
Paying less at another studio? We will match their price (excluding Living Social, Groupon rates)
$25 per class – classes held in 7 or 8 week sessions
$30 Drop-in per class
$15 Teen (50 minutes) per class (height and weight requirement)
$18 per class Discounted rates for equipment classes between the hours of noon and 5P (see class schedule)
Equipment: The Reformer is the main piece of equipment in the Pilates Method. This full-body workout will leave you stretched and strengthened. Classes are guided by the instructor, while you take charge of the equipment. Reformer classes are sometimes combined with Mat work or other equipment. The Low Chair is a multi-purpose piece of Pilates equipment. You can sit, kneel, lie, or stand on, in front of, behind, facing forward, facing backward or sideways! Great for rehab as well as the most advanced students. The Wall Unit or Tower System is an adaptation of the Cadillac and is designed to correct particular imbalances. Unlike the Reformer, it helps students work more unilaterally (one-sided) as well as incorporate suspension-type exercises for core control in relation to gravity.

Pilates Mat

(all Pilates mat-based classes except Buff Bones and Pfilates), Total Barre and Yoga – Start your own class!
Prerequisite required for Pilates Mat*
(6-8 person maximum)
$15 per class (if purchasing full class session)*
$12.50 per class for 2 or more times a week
$18 Drop-in (one time)
$10 Kid’s/Teens per class (40-50 minutes)

A series of exercises done in a group – on a mat. The classes are progressive and build skills and teach new exercises with each level. These classes may utilize props such as balls, bands, etc. to facilitate more mind/body connection.

*Pre-Requisite Required: The Special Introductory Package, Fundamental/Movement Assessment or Intro. to Pilates Reformer/Mat are the prerequisite for Pilates mat and equipment classes at our studio. Some individuals will require more instruction before attending a group class. There is no prerequisite for yoga or barre.

Classes in a group format are not recommended for participants with injuries or requiring specific rehabilitation unless the class is a specialty class (i.e. Pilates for Buff Bones)

Pilates for Buff Bones and Pfilates

Pilates for Pelvic Floor Health – Start your own class!
$20 class per class

This class can be held at the studio or your facility.

Yoga Sculpt, Vinyasa Flow and Kid’s Yoga

Start your own class!
$15 per class (if purchasing full class session)
$12.50 per class for 2 or more times per week
$18 Drop-in (one time)
$10 Kid’s Yoga (40 minute class) per week
Special rates available if attending classes 2 or more times per week (includes Yoga, Pilates Mat and Barre)

To make an appointment or to inquire about signing up for classes, please call
763.477.4254 or

Cash, Check, Visa and Mastercard
24 hour cancellation policy for private lessons. 1 Make-up for classes within 8 week session – class times are limited.
Sessions are payable in advance and must be used within a designated period of time from date of purchase.
*Corporate discounts are available depending on the size of your class. Classes can be held at your facility or set up your own class with a small group!
Business Hours: Sunday – Saturday by appointment only.