The Pilates Advantage

How Do I Get Started?

Choose one of the following:

Special Introductory Package – One Time Offer – $175
3 private sessions to assess your posture, movement, needs and goals. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates’ work, as well as to the various pieces of apparatus he invented. Participants must have at least 3 private lessons before taking a Pilates Mat, Reformer/equipment class. Some people may need more than 3 private sessions to be fully ready for a group class. Classes are not recommended for individuals with specific rehabilitation needs.

2 Privates for $99 – One Time Offer
(only for those who have previous equipment experience and want to move into classes)
Not all Pilates is taught the same. If you are coming from another studio and want to take classes are The Pilates Advantage, you must take at least 2 private lessons. More lessons may be required if deemed necessary.

6 Week Introduction to Pilates Mat/Equipment – 6 weeks for $95
We must have 4 to hold this class (you can start your own class!)
Classes will include the fundamental skills necessary to practice Pilates safely and efficiently as well as introduce you to beginner exercises on the mat, Reformer and Tower. Classes are not recommended for individuals with specific rehabilitation needs.

Jumpstart Program – 10 week program – 3x a week – Prices vary
The program starts with a fitness assessment, strength, flexibility and balance tests. Three hours of private training follow to familiarize you with Pilates principles, the exercises and how to use the various equipment. The options for training 3 times per week include a combination of the following: private lessons, Pilates group equipment and mat classes or yoga. Pick and choose the 3 times that work best for YOUR schedule. It’s never too late!

To make an appointment, please call 763.477.4254 or email
Cash, checks, & Visa and MasterCard accepted
24 hour cancellation policy for private lessons. Make-ups for classes within 8 week session – Class times are limited.
Sessions are payable in advance and must be used within a designated period of time from date of purchase.
*Corporate discounts are available depending on the size of your class. Classes can be held at your facility or set up your own class with a small group!
Business Hours: Monday – Saturday by appointment only.