The Pilates Advantage

Franklin Method®

The Franklin Method® shows how you can have a sense of well-being throughout your entire body by building mental awareness and expanding your kinesthetic sense to become more flexible and experience relaxation from tension and stress.

Deb is a Franklin Level 3 Movement Educator

She offers workshops on the following at The Pilates Advantage or in your workplace:

Dynamic Imagery for Life; Flexible and Healthy Spine; Improve Your Posture; Pelvic Power for Strength; Relax Your Neck and Shoulders; Liberate Your Lats; Supple Psoas/Your Inner Core; Fabulous Feet; Breathing Dynamics/Align Your Energy; Happy Knees, Intro. to Organ Imagery and more!

Upcoming Workshops (series):
For Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Sports, Life!
Workshop #10

Liberate Your Lats
Thursday, March 31

Spring and Summer workshops are being held off-site. Please call for details.

Bundle 2 workshops for $75!

 Must pre-register for classes: call 763-477-4254 or email

These workshops also available in the studio or at your work place:

  • Franklin Method® for Dance Conditioning
  • Franklin Method® for Equestrian Conditioning
  • Franklin Method® for Golfers

Must have at least 4 people to hold any workshop. Call to : 763-477-4254 or email

Off-site rates: $90/hr (includes travel time)