The Pilates Advantage

Classes & Description

Small Group Classes! Ratio is 4:1 for equipment classes and 6:1 for mat-based classes. We believe in hands-on, personalized instruction with experienced instructors. You may be paying less for a group class with more people, but is it worth it?


The Reformer is the most widely known piece of equipment and differs from traditional fitness equipment. The exercises were developed in a specific sequence for constant, flowing movements to warm up your muscles, awaken mind and body, stimulate your organs, coordinate breathing and train muscles to work in a correct sequence to give you maximum fitness benefit. Jumpboard may be added at the discretion of the instructor.

The Tower is an adaption of the Cadillac or Trapeze Table. Many movement possibilities are possible and enable you to engage in exercises ranging from the most gentle to the most extreme depending on your needs and abilities. Tower will be used in combination with other equipment classes.

The chair is a multipurpose apparatus and challenges balance and proprioception in different ways than other apparatus. The Chair’s unique design enables everyone to get amazing results. 3 people maximum per class or used in combination with other equipment classes.

Buff Bones®
Safe, medically approved, bone-strengthening and balance-improving exercise program within the framework of a mat. All levels welcome. This class is safe for Osteoporosis and a must for everyone!

Pfilates: Pilates for Pelvic Floor Health™
Do you pee when you workout? This is NOT normal. This specialty class or workshop was created by Dr. Bruce Crawford, a Board Certified Urogynocologist, as a method of pelvic floor conditioning more effective than traditional Kegel exercises. Pelvic Floor Health is a fitness issue!

Classical Pilates Mat
Classical mat work in the order Joseph Pilates created it. Must have at least intermediate knowledge of Pilates Mat and be free from injury.

Pilates for Men
Joseph Pilates was a man and he created his method for the German Military! Pilates is for men who want to move freely and feel better. We have golf specific programs as well as one-on-one training for your sport.

Pilates for Kids and Teens
Joseph Pilates believed children should be given knowledge of the body and that the information should be simple and accessible. This is a fun class for ages 7-16. Children under age 11 or shorter than 5 feet will be taught Pilates Matwork only.

Prenatal Pilates
Incorporate Pilates exercises into your pregnancy. Trimester modifications are demonstrated with precautions for a safe workout. (A medical screening form must be brought to class-please call The Pilates Advantage to obtain one.)

Postnatal Pilates
This workout will target and strengthen specific core muscle groups as well as relax and energize new mothers. Please bring your baby! (A postpartum checkup by your physician is required)

Pilates for Golfers
Strengthen the core, increase flexibility, build stability in the pelvis and shoulder girdle, balance both sides of the body, which will allow you to hit farther, straighter and more accurately.

Pilates for Equestrians
Riders do not need six-pack abs, buns of steel or huge arms, they need strength, flexibility and balance to perform activities on and off horseback without strain, without risk of injury and without the need to compromise body positions. Pilates Mat and Reformer techniques can also be taught at your barn!

Pilates for Dancers
Dancers have their own unique issues and conditioning protocols. Joseph Pilates rehabilitated many dancers with his Method. This class is available for ages 12 and up and at least 5 feet tall and 90 lbs.. Students not meeting these requirements will be taught mat work only.

Pilates on the Ball(s)
Many sizes of balls are used to teach Pilates exercises as well as efficient movement patterns. Get on the ball!

Pilates on a Roll(er)
We will use the foam roller to do Pilates-based exercises to emphasize balance, coordination, strength and flexibility as well as decrease muscle stress and tension.

Pilates with the Band
Use the theraband to stretch and strengthen your whole body as you learn awareness of how your body moves. A great workout to replicate some exercises on the Pilates equipment.

Total Barre®
Pilates and the Ballet Barre make this a great class for overall strength and conditioning. Pilates principles are emphasized to help strengthen, develop better posture and symmetry, tone and improve balance. No dance experience required.

Pilates with Props “toys”
Each week we will use a different prop (roller, ball, circle, band, etc.) to stengthen and condition, improve posture and flexibility and emphasize whole body integration.

Desk Pilates
This class is an invitation to explore body-mind connections, to effectively utilize core muscles to support your spine and to increase your awareness of posture and positioning throughout your daily activities. This class can be taught at your facility.

Body Rolling
Using small balls and foam rollers, re-educate your muscles, stimulate bone and create positive, permanent changes in your body. A must for everyone!

Yoga Sculpt
This multi-level class focuses on strength, conditioning and flexibility. For all levels. Yoga Sculpt uses hand-held weights to get the added benefit of resistance training to increase metabolism and significantly increase the strength of bone.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Flowing movement with emphasis on breath and traditional yoga poses. Please bring a yoga mat.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga
Taught by our certified Pre/Postnatal instructor.

Kid’s Yoga
This is a fun class geared toward kids! Traditional yoga moves mixed with games make this 40 minute class go by fast!