The Pilates Advantage

Class Descriptions and Schedule

Small Group Classes! Ratio is 4-5:1 for equipment classes and 6:1 for mat-based classes. We believe in hands-on, personalized instruction with experienced instructors. All classes may include Mat, Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels, Jumpboard and other props (at the discretion of the Instructor). No class is the same!


The Reformer is the main piece of equipment in the Pilates Method.  This full-body workout will leave you energized, not depleted but stretched and strengthened uniformly.  Classes are guided by the instructor while you take take charge of the equipment.  Reformer classes can be combined with mat, jumpboard and other Pilates equipment and props.

Tower/Wall Unit was designed for spinal articulation, correcting of particular imbalances and unlike the Reformer, helps students work more unilaterally as well as incorporate suspension exercises for core control in relationship to gravity.

The low chair is a multi-purpose piece of Pilates equipment.  The chair challenges your body in different planes of motion.  Challenges the more advanced student.  Great for hip and knee rehab and scoliosis!

Pilates Mat
A series of exercises done in a group on a mat.  The classes are progressive and build skills to teach different exercises for different ability levels.  These classes may utilize props such as balls and bands to help achieve more strength and control.

Pilates for Kids and Teens
Joseph Pilates believed children should be given knowledge of the body and that the information should be simple and accessible. This is a fun class for ages 7-18. Children under age 11 or shorter than 5 feet will be taught Pilates Matwork only.

Specialty classes include Osteoporosis Safe, Pelvic Floor Health, Desk Pilates, Pre/post natal, Golfers, Equestrians and Dancers.  For more information on these classes and others, please click on the tab “Specialty Services”.


class schedule

(Classes must have at least 3 students to hold)


Sunday – no classes

9:30          Oov/Equipment
10:00         65+ Equipment
6:30P         Int./Advanced Pilates Equipment
7:45P         Pilates Equipment Multi-Level

8:30A         Int./Advanced Pilates Equipment
9:30A         Beginner/Int. Pilates Equipment
10:30A        Intro. to Pilates Equipment
1:30P         Pilates Equipment – Multi-Level
3:45P         Pilates Equipment for a Healthy Back
5:00P         Int. Pilates Equipment
6:00P         Pilates Equipment – Multi-Level
7:00P         Oov/Mat/Tower

8:00A         Oov/Equipment
9:00A         Oov/Equipment
5:30P         Intro. to Pilates Equipment
6:30P         Int. Pilates Equipment

8:30A         Int/Adv. Pilates Equipment
11:00A        Beginner Pilates Equipment
12:15P        Lunch-time Pilates Equipment
5:30P         Int. Pilates Equipment
6:30P         Beg/Int. Pilates Equipment

9:30A         Pilates Equipment – Multi-Level
4:00P         Beg/Int. Pilates Equipment
5:00P         Int./Adv. Pilates Equipment

8:00A         Pilates Equipment – Multi-Level
9:15A         Beg. Pilates Equipment
11:15A        Intro. to Pilates Equipment

Class size is 4-5 students to one instructor.  Classes will be added at needed.  Must register for class.
Pre-Requisite required to begin classes (see How do I get Started).