The Pilates Advantage


Welcome to The Pilates Advantage family! My name is Debra Dodge; I opened the doors to my studio in 2004 because I was dissatisfied with the ratio of one teacher to too many students in mat and group classes. The lack of hands-on instruction mixed with too many studelogonts (PMA says (1:6 for equipment and 1:12 for mat classes is safe)) made it impossible to correctly, and safely “change your body”. All bodies are unique and a group class needs to reflect that. We believe that our small class sizes provide the one-on-one attention needed to truly teach you the benefits of Pilates. Even today, I continue to operate The Pilates Advantage with the philosophy that quality beats quantity, less is more and mind, body and spirit are united . Our Pilates Method Alliance Certified instructors have 1,000’s of hours of training experience and are committed to providing the best instruction in Classical and Contemporary Pilates as well as work with individuals with specific rehabilitation needs.


pma_logoOur student to teacher ratio is 4-5:1 for equipment classes and 6:1 for mat classes. A reputable Pilates’ studio limits class size so instructors can focus on each student. Equipment classes should be made up of no more than 6 students (with an experienced instructor.) Larger classes limit the amount of individual attention you receive– and the quality of your workout. At The Pilates Advantage we want you to not only enjoy your workout, but also be practicing safely. Our instructors are attentive to each student, and will help guide you so you are working efficiently without unneeded stress. They also help you understand the essence of the work instead of just showing you the movements.

Joseph Pilates devised many highly specialized pieces of equipment. It is important to have access to the full complement of this equipment in order to achieve the balanced workout, which is the hallmark of the original Pilates Method.

Not all Pilates Teacher Training Programs are created equal. For more information on instructor qualifications/hours of training/apprenticeship requirements, etc., please visit the website for the Pilates Method Alliance: